A Brush with Semi-Fame

After a very long day at work I decided to take advantage of Restaurant Week and have dinner at Spezie before heading home. They were able to find me a table in the bar area so I didn’t even need to wait. The table next to me was 3 guys – two somewhere their 30s drinking wine and one that wasn’t drinking and I was pretty sure it was because he wasn’t old enough. The young one also had an accent. Strange conversation too – they obviously knew each other but not very well. I guessed co-workers of some sort. Then one of the waiters asked if they had a game coming up and wished them good luck. Aha! I was sitting next to team members from the Washington Capitals. A quick look at the team website and I found Nicklas Backstrom, a 20 year old from Sweden. Thankfully he has had a haircut since that team photo and it quite an attractive young man in that strapping young Nordic kind of way. No idea who the other two were. Nicklas was easy to find just by looking at the youngest DOB on the site.

Dinner was lovely.  Spezie is offering most of the regular menu so there is a choice of around 10 each of appetizers and entrees and four or five desserts.  I had roasted peppers with mozzarella and anchovy parsley sauce for the starter and some lovely venison medallions with sweet onions for the main.  Dessert was chocolate cake with a mandarin orange layer and pistachio garnish.   I shudder to consider the Weight Watchers points but Spezie serves realistically size portions so you feel satisfied and full but not ickily stuffed.


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