Perfect Timing

My air conditioner died last Sunday.  Yeah, less than 24 hours after I turned it on for the season.  I had the maintenance people in on Monday and they said it needed a whole new compressor which could take a week or two to come in.  This week hasn’t been bad and it isn’t like I’m home during the day.  But today and this weekend are supposed to be nasty – muggy and almost 100 degrees.  I was just going to run over to Target to get an oscillating fan before going in to work this morning when maintenance showed up.  They have the compressor and the contractors to put it in.

So I am working from home mainly to be able and start laundry as soon as they finish. That and it is contractors I don’t know rather than the building maintenance people that I do know.  The dryer vent is directly under the kitchen window so I close the window when running the dryer to keep the hot air from coming in.  These week I haven’t wanted to close that window. Remy is trying to help the contractors mainly by climbing into the tool kit and then the compressor box so she has been banished to my lap.  If that doesn’t work she will get tossed in the bedroom.  Callie is sleeping through the whole thing.

The really interesting thing is who is next.  My parent’s air conditioner died a few weeks ago during a stretch of 100 degree weather so obviously it is contagious.


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