Memorial Day Weekend

The weather gods finally came through. After a spring of rainy weekends, the long Memorial Day weekend was spectacular. A little too spectacular in the sun department for me. I learned the hard way that when wearing a deep v-necked tshirt means I need to add extra sunscreen under the shirt on the left side. My camera strap pulled the shirt over enough that I have a bright red stripe of sunburn just on the left of my neck. I also learned that SPF 15 isn’t enough even on days that don’t hit 80 degrees as I have strange half circles of burnt flesh on my arms just around my elbows. I was trying to figure out just how that happened when I realized it matched the position of my arms holding my camera up to my face. As long as I keep my arms bent, it doesn’t look strange. The SPF 30 wasn’t quite enough for my face as I’m pink and my nose is very pink. Oh yeah, I’m real pretty.

Other than that, I had marvelous weekend. I spent most of Friday at the Reynold’s Center. I took a special tour of the piece MVSEVM by David Becks. It has been one of my favorite works there so it was fun to learn more about it. I also toured the Color Field, Edward Steichen and Zaida Ben-Yusuf shows.  Had a lovely dinner at the bar at Central and then went to Iron  Man which is every bit as good as people have been saying.

Saturday was a quiet day cleaning and working on Disney photos.  Sunday was Rolling Thunder and sunburn.  I had planned on going to Artomatic Sunday night but made the mistake of sitting down when I got home from several hours on the mall.  Today was laundry and groceries.  But the groceries came from the ever fun Super H Asian grocery store.   Amazing selection fish including live eels and  sea cucumber which I didn’t realize was edible.  I stuck to the tuna and salmon.  Alas, tomorrow I must return to work.


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