Sleep Number Bed

Any of you have a sleep number bed?  The time has come to replace my15 year old mattress set.   I have slept on them in hotel rooms and thought they were marvelous but wondered if that holds true for long term use.   I succeeded in somehow straining my lower back on Friday (I think merely by standing up) and have realized that my bed is just too soft.  Of course I realized this the hard way when I had to face getting out of bed while my back was spasming.

My couch purchase of several years back was brilliant.  It has a lounge extension that is a footstool type of section that can be moved to either side and a cushion that acts as the regular cushion plus the extension.  The cushion can be flipped to work on either the right or left hand side of the couch. This extended piece makes for a great bed on the floor.  The middle seat cushion with a back cushion on top becomes a prop for my legs so that I can lay on my back and have the pressure off my lower back.  The cats think all this is awesome.


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