Revisting the Past

Off to Vespers

Originally uploaded by Karon

I haven’t been posting many photos on Flickr recently because I haven’t been taking any. It has been cold and I am a wimp so I have hardly left the apartment the last couple weekends. As I haven’t had new photos to process I have been going through my old ones and checking for tags. I also decided to get some Moo cards printed up which is when I discovered the London photos I uploaded to Flickr are the low-res versions. I can’t find the high-res versions on either of my drives or my backups but I have the original files in several locations. I decided to take another look at my London trip so that I could switch out the low-res for high.

I wasn’t all that pleased with my London photos when I returned. The skies most of the time I was there were grey. Not a nice dark atmospheric grey but a blown-out, almost white, looks like nothing in a photo, grey. Bleh. But since that trip I have an upgraded computer and better knowledge of photo editing programs. I don’t like making huge changes – I wouldn’t switch out those grey skies for the brilliant blue of another photo’s – but I do like being able to tweak the contrast, saturation and the like. In revisiting my trip I found quite a few more shots that I like. Over the next few days I will be uploading them.


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