JAPAN! culture + hyperculture at the Kennedy Center

This is a marvelous festival and everyone local should take the time to stop by before it closes on the 17th. The Kennedy Center is open till 10pm each night so it is easy to stop by after work. You can’t stop getting a big grin when you walk into a yellow room with black polka dots.

Unfortunately the play I saw Saturday afternoon, Shintoku-Maru, was only for this weeked which is a shame as it was absolutely insane to watch. Ninety minutes in a language I don’t understand with no subtitles but yet I loved every minute. Any play/musical/modernized Noh that starts and ends with men using belt sanders against metal plates to rain sparks down on the stage is a good time. The visuals were amazing and between the synopsis and the classic nature of the plot is was easy to follow.

JAPAN! culture + hyperculture Festival at the Kennedy Center


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