What We Did After Batman

What We Did After Batman

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M Chat Sighting

I was sauntering up 7th Ave in New York City yesterday working my way toward Penn Station after a business meeting in the Meatpacking district when I spotted the same graffiti cat I had fallen in love with in Paris.  I hadn’t realized Monsieur Chat had made it to the US so this was a very happy surprise.

Happy Cat

M. Chat Sighting in NYC

Mom, before you worry about me in places like the Meatpacking district – it is now full of high-end fashion houses (including one of my clients) and over a hundred people waiting in line to buy a new iPhone at the Apple store.  The worst crowds I have ever experienced, thicker by far than anything I have ever seen at Walt Disney World, were at Penn Station at rush hour.  I suspect the sold out Bon Jovi show at Madison Square Garden certainly helped the body count.