Sometimes it is good to walk home in the rain


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Perfect Timing

My air conditioner died last Sunday.  Yeah, less than 24 hours after I turned it on for the season.  I had the maintenance people in on Monday and they said it needed a whole new compressor which could take a week or two to come in.  This week hasn’t been bad and it isn’t like I’m home during the day.  But today and this weekend are supposed to be nasty – muggy and almost 100 degrees.  I was just going to run over to Target to get an oscillating fan before going in to work this morning when maintenance showed up.  They have the compressor and the contractors to put it in.

So I am working from home mainly to be able and start laundry as soon as they finish. That and it is contractors I don’t know rather than the building maintenance people that I do know.  The dryer vent is directly under the kitchen window so I close the window when running the dryer to keep the hot air from coming in.  These week I haven’t wanted to close that window. Remy is trying to help the contractors mainly by climbing into the tool kit and then the compressor box so she has been banished to my lap.  If that doesn’t work she will get tossed in the bedroom.  Callie is sleeping through the whole thing.

The really interesting thing is who is next.  My parent’s air conditioner died a few weeks ago during a stretch of 100 degree weather so obviously it is contagious.

Memorial Day Weekend

The weather gods finally came through. After a spring of rainy weekends, the long Memorial Day weekend was spectacular. A little too spectacular in the sun department for me. I learned the hard way that when wearing a deep v-necked tshirt means I need to add extra sunscreen under the shirt on the left side. My camera strap pulled the shirt over enough that I have a bright red stripe of sunburn just on the left of my neck. I also learned that SPF 15 isn’t enough even on days that don’t hit 80 degrees as I have strange half circles of burnt flesh on my arms just around my elbows. I was trying to figure out just how that happened when I realized it matched the position of my arms holding my camera up to my face. As long as I keep my arms bent, it doesn’t look strange. The SPF 30 wasn’t quite enough for my face as I’m pink and my nose is very pink. Oh yeah, I’m real pretty.

Other than that, I had marvelous weekend. I spent most of Friday at the Reynold’s Center. I took a special tour of the piece MVSEVM by David Becks. It has been one of my favorite works there so it was fun to learn more about it. I also toured the Color Field, Edward Steichen and Zaida Ben-Yusuf shows.  Had a lovely dinner at the bar at Central and then went to Iron  Man which is every bit as good as people have been saying.

Saturday was a quiet day cleaning and working on Disney photos.  Sunday was Rolling Thunder and sunburn.  I had planned on going to Artomatic Sunday night but made the mistake of sitting down when I got home from several hours on the mall.  Today was laundry and groceries.  But the groceries came from the ever fun Super H Asian grocery store.   Amazing selection fish including live eels and  sea cucumber which I didn’t realize was edible.  I stuck to the tuna and salmon.  Alas, tomorrow I must return to work.

Dawn at the Tidal Basin

I was at the Tidal Basin before 7am today to photography the cherry blossoms.  Sunrise is lovely but the effort it takes to get up that early just convinces me more than ever that I am not a morning person.  It did turn out to be nice if rather overcast and I never needed the umbrella I had brought with me.  The lighting really wasn’t very good for photos the first couple hours thanks to overcast skies except for about a wonderful 10 minute stretch where the sun came out from the clouds and hit the Jefferson memorial beautifully.  I think the whole morning will be worth the photos I got then.

I was interviewed by the Weather Channel.  Or Channel 7 doing interviews for the Weather Channel.  Not sure which.  But we had a nice chat about the trees and how it wasn’t quite yet peak thanks to the cooler weather the last few days and they they took some close up shots of me taking photos for the “B roll”.  I assume I was coherent but it was still really, really early so I’m not entirely sure.

Another benefit of being there at such an ungodly hour was I had the Jefferson Memorial to myself for a few minutes.  By the time I got around to the Roosevelt Memorial the tour buses of high school kids were out in force.  But the sun came out then and for the last stretch of the circle around the basin I even had blue skies.  I was stopped by two family groups and asked to take photos of them.  That is about average.

The plan after the tidal basin was to have a big breakfast at Les Halles or that restaurant at the Willard.  However it was after 11am so I went for the steak frites lunch special at Les Halles.  The plan was also to go over to the garden behind the Smithsonian castle but I was absolutely beat.  I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired when it was only 1pm until it hit me that I had already been downtown over six hours and covered almost five miles.  Tomorrow is a busy day so I came home and had a nap on the couch.  This made the cats very happy.

Now I am awake and starting to dig through all the photos I took.



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Yay, spring is here. I don’t know why this winter has bothered me so considering it was rather mild but I have been anxiously awaiting spring. Seeing the trees blooming in front of Whole Paycheck made my day Friday night so I walked over Saturday afternoon to get some shots.

Hey DC!

It is gorgeous outside.  Let’s ditch work and meet at the zoo at 2:30.  Our bosses don’t know each other.  They will never make the connection of people becoming suddenly ill on the Friday before a three day weekend.

Hmmm, maybe it will look a tad suspicious.

It Was Pretty While It Lasted

The View from my Work Window

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