Hanging Out on Display at the Intersections Festival

Hanging Out on Display at the Intersections Festival

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Atlas presents INTERSECTIONS, A New America Arts Festival

Ten Miles Square will host a photography exhibition as part of the INTERSECTIONS Festival, the goal of which is to be a place were arts merge and cultures meet. These curated photos tie together the diversity and dynamism of the performers on stage with the vibrancy of the neighborhood outside the Atlas.

There will be two special events for the exhibit. This Thursday, February 24 visit the show during your ARTventures H Street Art Walk. Galleries in the neighborhood will be open and visitors get discounts at participating restaurants. 5:30 to 8 p.m.

This weekend, visit the photography exhibit during the first weekend of INTERSECTIONS at a special reception Saturday, February 26, 5:30 to 7 p.m. with treats provided by Smith Commons. Be sure to check out their entire schedule (pdf) for tons of incredible performance art!

This Ten Miles Square exhibit features the work of Amy Keys, Michael DuBois, Michael Galkovsky, Maria Helena Carey, Patrick Yuen, Tonianne DeMaria Barry, Angela Kleis, Brian Mosley, Karon Flage, Brett Davis, and Kevin Harber.

Ten Miles Square is a venture to promote local photographers through independent, art supporting businesses, while also nurturing a new generation of patrons. Check out Ten Miles Square to find out about other upcoming events at www.tenmilessquare.com.



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Join Ten Miles Square and the Pink Line Project at Industry Gallery with the work of nine local photographers for the second annual Fixation exhibit, part of the FotoweekDC festival.

These photographers each create a narrative with a short series of images, differentiating the stereotypical image of our Nation’s Capital from the people actually living inside it. Their photographs inspect our city’s individual subcultures and the people who thrive in them, whether it’s the intense rock convulsions of serious air guitar competitors or the eager characters at the local Renaissance festival. Some create their own scenes by simply coming together as bystanders, while others transit separately in search of the same something. What these images all have in common is a fixation on subculture carved out inside the story of this city.

Featured photographers: Nicole Aguirre, Karon Flage, Angela Kleis, Drew McDermott, Amit Mehta, Pat Padua, Jay Westcott, Aziz Yazdani, and Joshua Yospyn.

6-9 PM Music by Yoko K!
7:30 PM ayyoko confidential
9:00 PM Suspicious Package (recently mentioned in Spin magazine!)

Portrait photographs:
Have your portrait taken by Ten Miles Square photographer Tracy Clayton in front of a specially commissioned backdrop created by fab artist Cory Oberndorfer.

Celebrate DC’s newest art center with:
–The opening of Koen Vanmechelen’s Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (DC) at one of DC’s top contemporary art galleries, Conner Contemporary.
–G Fine Art’s new space on the same block.
–A first look at the home of the new Industry Gallery, a contemporary design exhibition space.

$10 suggested donation

Special Deal:
$2 tall-boy PBR drink special at the Rock & Roll Hotel if you wear our wrist band.

Huge thanks to our beer sponsor PBR and event sponsor Scion for making Fixation possible.

Industry Gallery is located on the second floor of Conner Contemporary, at 1358-60 Florida Avenue NE. When it opens in 2010, Industry will specialize in 21st century design, focusing on international artists who create functional art from industrial materials.

M Chat Sighting

I was sauntering up 7th Ave in New York City yesterday working my way toward Penn Station after a business meeting in the Meatpacking district when I spotted the same graffiti cat I had fallen in love with in Paris.  I hadn’t realized Monsieur Chat had made it to the US so this was a very happy surprise.

Happy Cat

M. Chat Sighting in NYC

Mom, before you worry about me in places like the Meatpacking district – it is now full of high-end fashion houses (including one of my clients) and over a hundred people waiting in line to buy a new iPhone at the Apple store.  The worst crowds I have ever experienced, thicker by far than anything I have ever seen at Walt Disney World, were at Penn Station at rush hour.  I suspect the sold out Bon Jovi show at Madison Square Garden certainly helped the body count.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

At the Temple

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The Folklife Festival has outdone themselves with an amazing Bhutan Buddist temple in the middle of the mall. I spent a few hours on the mall and only made it through the Bhutan sections of the festival so I have NASA and Texas still to go. Yes, Bhutan, NASA and Texas is a strange combination, I have no idea how the Smithsonian comes up with these festival choices.

Edit to add:  This image is part of the Smithsonian Photography Initiative slideshow  of the “Best of the 2008 Festival”.

Money Has Changed Hands

I can now say I have officially sold my first photos as I have delivered said pieces to one of the buyers and received money.  Whohoo!  Three more deliveries to make.  I sold six pieces and am doing a trade with another artist for one her prints for a total of seven Artomatic framed photos that I will not have to find a home for in my apartment.

My Artomatic Display

My Artomatic Display

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Turned out much busier than how I saw it in my head but thankfully the labels helped to anchor the photos.. I wanted a backdrop that would catch a visitor’s eye from across the room and I do think it works for that. I already have much better ideas for next year.

I made a sale opening weekend which absolutely thrilled me. Granted, it isn’t completely real until after the show when money and art change hands but the email asking to buy a photo made my day.

This Friday is Meet the Artists night so it is a great time to come see the show. http://artomatic.org/

Cathedral Illumination

Britt, Erica and I caught the first night of the National Cathedral “Lighting to Unite” illumination show tonight. It is absolutely gorgeous and runs from sunset to midnight tonight, Saturday and Sunday so there is time to see it. I suspect it is less crowded if you go after the families have left to put the kids to bed.

National Cathedral Illumination

National Cathedral Illumination

Jefferson Memorial


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I am particularly pleased that I was able to get a wide-angle shot inside the Jefferson Memorial with no people in it. Another advantage to getting up at an ungodly hour.

Friday Morning


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Dawn at the Tidal Basin

I was at the Tidal Basin before 7am today to photography the cherry blossoms.  Sunrise is lovely but the effort it takes to get up that early just convinces me more than ever that I am not a morning person.  It did turn out to be nice if rather overcast and I never needed the umbrella I had brought with me.  The lighting really wasn’t very good for photos the first couple hours thanks to overcast skies except for about a wonderful 10 minute stretch where the sun came out from the clouds and hit the Jefferson memorial beautifully.  I think the whole morning will be worth the photos I got then.

I was interviewed by the Weather Channel.  Or Channel 7 doing interviews for the Weather Channel.  Not sure which.  But we had a nice chat about the trees and how it wasn’t quite yet peak thanks to the cooler weather the last few days and they they took some close up shots of me taking photos for the “B roll”.  I assume I was coherent but it was still really, really early so I’m not entirely sure.

Another benefit of being there at such an ungodly hour was I had the Jefferson Memorial to myself for a few minutes.  By the time I got around to the Roosevelt Memorial the tour buses of high school kids were out in force.  But the sun came out then and for the last stretch of the circle around the basin I even had blue skies.  I was stopped by two family groups and asked to take photos of them.  That is about average.

The plan after the tidal basin was to have a big breakfast at Les Halles or that restaurant at the Willard.  However it was after 11am so I went for the steak frites lunch special at Les Halles.  The plan was also to go over to the garden behind the Smithsonian castle but I was absolutely beat.  I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired when it was only 1pm until it hit me that I had already been downtown over six hours and covered almost five miles.  Tomorrow is a busy day so I came home and had a nap on the couch.  This made the cats very happy.

Now I am awake and starting to dig through all the photos I took.

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